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Tianzhou group will provide you with city sculpture, steel structure engineering, stainless steel sculpture design and production services.
About us

Tianzhou group

Company profile

        Shenzhen Tianzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Tianzhou group. Founded in 2009, the company is located in Shenzhen, the global creative design capital. The company takes the design planning and product landing of cultural tourism, hotel and real estate as the main line, takes the construction and operation investment as the direction, and devotes itself wholeheartedly to creating high-quality cultural tourism hotel real estate projects.

        The company has three core business divisions:

        1、 Planning and design division           

            Committed to providing customers with excellent planning, design, we are a group of artists and engineers, planning, creativity, implementation is our core advantage. We can not only provide customers with fantastic creative planning, but also implement it through solid and feasible technology.

        2、 Project division           

            Tianzhou's own project brands include ASEAN street, ASEAN Museum, ASEAN tribal experience Valley, Red Valley, ALARA entertainment, quanjiehua Hotel, etc.

        3、 Product division

            Tianzhou independently developed its own product series, including spiritual fortress sculpture, ALARA, ASEAN Valley, Red Valley, Mars warehouse, etc.

         "Mountains are not high, immortals are famous, water is not deep, dragons are spirit, based on mountains and rivers, awaken the return of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese dream -- tianzhouxing". Over the years, it has developed in culture and tourism, hotel, real estate, film and Television City, entertainment and other related industries. After nearly 10 years of innovation, development and integration, it has formed three business divisions, six core holding enterprises, and many operation partners The main structure of the company, with planning and design, development, investment, operation, production integration, business integration ability, technology, strong project, wide range of products, etc. The six core holding enterprises are also the core operating enterprises of Tianzhou group, which together constitute the core organizational structure of Tianzhou group.

Tianzhou corporate culture

Values: sharing weal and woe in the same boat

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